This New Affordable Action Camera Will Take Your Photos and Videos to the Next Level

25/06/2022 | Scotty Patterson

Summary: An Austrian tech startup was fed up with the price of good quality extreme sports cameras like the GoPro, and decided to see how they were really made. Their discoveries lead to the creation of the cheapest premium action camera on the market, and the big brands are getting very upset over it. Boohoo, we say. Order Your RealAction Pro now 50% off and with free delivery while it’s still in stock…

A tale of premium prices and Austrian skaters

Are you absolutely jealous of all those amazing action shots you see your friends posting on Instagram? Do you also want to go on a trip, or to the pool, and be able to record your awesome experiences with an amazing 4K sensor without the fear of dropping your expensive phone into the water? Well you’re in luck, a group of Australians have solved all your problems.

We’ve been cooped up indoors for too long. We want to go out, enjoy the fresh air, nature and maybe add some extreme sports for spice. But have we really done anything special if we didn’t post it to social media?

Of course not. As the saying goes, pics or it didn’t happen. But taking those is either practically impossible, as you don’t want to drop your new iphone into the ocean, or unreasonably expensive for just that one or two worthwhile trips a year we take.

A group of Austrian skaters and snowboarders, two of which were engineers (yes, engineers can have fun too.) wrestled with this problem. It was then that they discovered the ridiculous mark ups the prices of quality action cameras suffer from, and sought to change it. Forever.

Half the price?! Really?!

They chose to call it the RealAction Pro. Obviously you can’t have a quality extreme sports camera without adding “Pro” to its name, but the RealAction Pro lives up to its name, and then some.

Apparently, if you reverse engineer a “premium” action camera, assemble it in China and add some German-level quality control that those usually lack, you get the exact same camera for half the price. That’s what the Austrians found out during their research. Their new camera packs just as big of a punch as any other “premium” brand on the market, with all the same features and more. GoPro, you guys better be taking notes.

The RealAction Pro has been blowing up on social media and it’s quite possible that you’ve already seen shots taken with it. So does it live up to the hype?


What’s so special about the RealAction Pro?

Did you know there were Austrian skater engineers? Neither did we but those guys sure got busy over the last year. They reverse engineered the most advanced premium action cameras, pulling them apart to their base components, only to discover the big secret.

A secret we all deep down knew, but turned a blind eye to because flashing a brand name to our friends is nice. But now we know just how much turning this blind eye cost us. Double. That was the cost they came up with in their calculations. We pay double or more the price it actually costs to make and ship one of these.

This would not stand. The engineers got to work to reassemble a camera, with ever so slight variations and important improvements to avoid patent lawsuits, and the result was an action camera that did everything its famous competitors do, and more:

✅ 4k Ultra HD sensor

✅ Waterproof up to 100 feet

✅ Picture stabilization mode for the most extreme

✅ 170 degree wide angle

✅ Wi-Fi live feed function and easy media sharing, for maximum IG flexing

✅ Durable, lightweight and compact, as any good action camera should be

✅ Back LCD feed screen so you can actually see what you’re filming

But now for the main reason the Austrians created this little marvel to begin with: the price. The regular retail price of the RealAction Pro is (insert price), already considerably less than any other action camera of comparable quality, but it gets better. To completely break the market, the global launch is accompanied with an absolutely massive 50% discount and free shipping!

We have nothing to say except how amazed we are. We never thought we could get this level of quality at this low a price point, but the Austrians proved to us that all we really did was buy into the myth of big brands. Just because something is more expensive and has a familiar name, doesn’t mean it’s better. RealAction Pro has our whole hearted seal of approval. Get one while they’re still on sale!

Ok, ok. So it’s good. We’re sold. We want one of these for our next trip. But how much of our travel budget would go for this privilege of seeing things no one else can?

Well the usual retail price of the RealAction Pro is an affordable 198$. More than a fair price considering the super technology it provides. But it gets better. Much better. The company has decided that everyone needs to know of this technological revolution and have launched a special sale, giving the RealAction Pro away at 50% discount! With free world-wide shipping! You can currently get it for just 99$!

The RealAction Pro has definitely impressed us. It really is a one of a kind travel companion that can make your traveling absolutely amazing. We whole heartedly recommend it. Get it, get it while it’s still on sale.

But don’t just take our word for it. These people loved the RealAction Pro:

“I felt so bad when I lost my GoPro while surfing. Just floop and there goes my paycheck. I couldn’t get a new one, that was essentially all my savings that dropped into the ocean. A friend saw me literally crying and showed me this one. I was reaaaally skeptical as I am of anything without a recognizable name, but I didn’t have a choice. To my surprise the quality was pretty much the same! Why did I pay so much to begin with? I’m such an idiot”

“All I wanted was something I could brag to my friends at the park with and damn did I get it. Everyone looks at it and thinks it’s an actual GoPro, and I’m like nah man, this is way better!”

“During lockdown I decided to start making running vlogs as I was doing the only legal thing I could do outside, sports, but have you ever TRIED running with your phone? I hit two people and dropped it more times than I can count. With an actual action camera though, boy is it some quality of life. And I didn’t have to take a mortgage to buy one. Amazing.”


Conclusion: Should you get a RealAction Pro?

You skipped right down here didn’t you? You didn’t? Well regardless the answer is yes. 100%. The RealAction Pro is the real deal. The same quality for less than half the price. It’s absolutely staggering. We beg of you, the past year has been hard enough, don’t throw your money needlessly on an expensive piece of tech just because it has a familiar logo on it. You’re paying extra for ink. That’s all. Now go get one of these new bad boys before the sale is over!


  • Professional Stable Action Video Recording
  • Full Range 4K Camera
  • High Speed Processor
  • Built-in WiFi Module For Live Mode
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable For All Sport Activities
  • 50% Discount Currently Available


  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon.


How to Get the RealAction Pro?

Now that you don’t have to pay the ridiculous premiums the big camera brands demand from you, you must be itching to get your hands on one of these, so here’re the simple steps:

Step 1: We recommend ordering an original RealAction Pro from the official website by clicking here.

Step 2: – Crack open the box, turn it on and start filming like a Pro. A REAL ACTION PRO.

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